Jill Fraser 2018 - 2019

I wish to extend a very warm welcome to the returning and new bowlers for the 2018-19 bowling season. It is my privilege to be the President of Auckland Bowls for this season.

I have travelled to several other New Zealand centres playing bowls this year. All Clubs have the same problems of falling membership etc. However, the camaraderie and competition amongst bowlers has not died. Those who play the game are enjoying themselves. However, many Clubs are living in the past. These Clubs and their members are slowly killing the game. They are not open to new ideas and do not want to change their comfort zone. We need to be able to convince some Clubs that amalgamation can only be good for the game. Clubs need to work together to keep the game alive.

The new playing programme for his season looks very exciting. The new Bowls3Five competition will be innovative and hopefully exciting to play. It is good to stimulate interest in the game with new formats. The National Singles and Pairs are in Auckland in the New Year and we encourage you all to support this exciting tournament.

To all our sponsors, who make such a large contribution to the successful running of events, thank you for your continued support. Many of you have been with us for a number of years and we appreciate your continued support.

I personally would like to thank all those Canoe and Campi Cup coaches who have worked tirelessly through the winter in all kinds of weather coaching the juniors in their zones. These coaches are looking after the new members of your Clubs. Please support them and carry on their good work by playing with these new players. These are the people who will be the future of your Club. Treat them well.

I would also like to thank the Umpires and Convenors who look after our championships. You do a great job, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. Keep up the good work. I would like to thank all the volunteers who work so hard for our Clubs. Without you the game of bowls would suffer greatly. I wish all bowlers a successful 2018-2019 season.

Jill Fraser


Auckland Bowls President Jill Fraser
I would like to acknowledge and give a very special thank you to the many volunteers at Club, Centre and National level who give many hours of their time to the game. Your work is critical for the success of bowls.Jill Fraser, Auckland Bowls President