Bowls New Zealand Disciplinary Guidebook

Bowls NZ

The purpose of this guidebook is to ensure a consistent system for handling disputes and misconduct is established.  Using this guidebook Clubs and Centres can continue to manage their own disputes and misconduct in the first instance.  Any appeals would still be handled at Bowls New Zealand level.

Throughout this document the point is continually emphasised  that the Principles of Natural Justice are adhered to throughout any disciplinary process.  Most cases that have fallen over in the past have generally been because a club or centre did not follow the principles of natural justice.

The Process Guidelines (Section One) and Sanction Guidelines (Section Two) have been developed to establish consistency in both process and outcome.  These should always be read in conjunction with the applicable Constitution and Regulations that the Club or Centre has in place, along with the Bowls New Zealand Disciplinary Regulation.

As a quick reference guide a Flowchart of the Disciplinary Process has been developed (page 8).  This is to aid users of the Disciplinary Guidebook in familiarising themselves with the disciplinary process adopted where a Club or Centre has jurisdiction.

It is by no means a substitute for the user reading the full text of these Rules and in the event of any inconsistency the text of the Rules prevails.

This is also an opportunity for Clubs and Centres to review and update their disciplinary regulations and Constitution to ensure a seamless and consistent process throughout the sport.

A copy of the Disciplinary Guidebook will also be available on the Bowls New Zealand website under key documents.