Canoe-ing and Campi-ing with Kohi’s Junior Scouts

Club News

It was sunny one day and neiher dry or sunny the next as Kohimarama Bowling Club (KBC) hosted the ABCA Canoe Tournament last weekend.    The club were delighted with the weekend  and would like to thank the players and spectators who made the most of the Auckland Winter playing conditions and generated such a warm and congenial atmosphere.  We hope to see you all back here soon!

An added bonus for Kohimarama came from club members Mark Compton, Paul Neazor and Trevor Kent along with Mukesh , representing Central, finishing  in second place to a very good West combination team.  This fours team knew they would not have been among the pre-tournament favourites, but they qualified second from section play and won through to the final, losing to West, the top qualifiers.  PPaul Neazor said, “It was a real lesson that you can win a game one point at a time.  They (West) were very good, and very efficient.”

In addition to the success of  the men,  Bev Callingham from Kohi was part of a talented team from East who were runners up to Pukekohe in the Campi.

The Canoe and Campi tournaments provide valuable experience to Auckland’s junior players as they look ahead to the 2019-2020 season.This weekend and Kohi players  Mark Compton, Paul Neazor and Trevor Kent  will be among the 34 teams competing in the ABCA mixed fours at Remuera Bowling Club, Sat 24 August, 9am.   Mark, Paul and Trevor, Bev and Lorraine have also been put forward for the Auckland junior rep trials Sept 1-8

 Bowling Club Captain MArgie Sorensen said,  “We couldn’t be more proud of our 1-5s about Kohi coaching culture that has generated such great results and teamwork from our 1-5s…with more to come. Now we are looking forward to more inspired play in the Rep Trials Sept 1-8 from our juniors:  Trevor, Paul, Bev and Lorraine McDonnell.”

The coaching team at Kohi is leading Lawn Bowls 101 through Selwyn Community Education starting Sunday 8 September.  Please encourage anyone you think would enjoy lawn bowls to register and get started, and maybe they will be competing in the Canoe or Campi 2020!

Henry Ray from Remuera Bowling Club shared some great photos to the Kohimarama Bowling Club Facebook page from  the 17-18 Aug ABCA Canoe Tournament hosted at Kohimarama Bowling Club. Sunny one day, neither dry nor sunny the next! Enjoy revisiting the weekend in photos, and please tag yourself and teammates and  add your photos as well!