Glen Eden Bowling club needs your support for their Trusts Million Dollar Mission funding bid of $11,040

Club News

The members at the Glen Eden Bowling club have a new spring in their step after finding out their application to The Trusts Million Dollar Mission has been successful and that they’re in the running to receive a share of the one million dollars. Now they just need the support of the public to help them improve their clubrooms and make them an even better resource for the local community.

The club needs to replace the 15-year-old air conditioning units in their clubrooms, as they’re old and can’t keep the clubroom at a comfortable temperature year-round for members and the many other groups that hold events there. Getting current air-conditioners repaired isn’t an option as they are outdated, using coolants which can’t be refilled due to changes in regulations regarding the chemicals allowed to be used in such units. The new ones the club hopes to get are also a lot more energy efficient which will help reduce the power bills.

The quotes the club has received for getting the current units replaced came to $11,040, a significant outlay which is currently beyond the club’s financial means as they have had to commit to spending close to $20000 in 2017/18 to replant the natural lawn green.

With members, players from other clubs, school groups and venue hire the club played host to approximately 750 guests last year and they’re hoping to attract more this year. By enhancing the facilities with new air conditioning they will make them more comfortable for members and make the venue more appealing to local groups and business as a great place to host an event. Most bookings include the opportunity for some causal bowls, with the club promoting social or playing club membership to guests to encourage everyone to get involved in lawn bowls as great social and competitive exercise.



The voting is open from 10am on the 1st of March 2019, until one million dollars is given out. Each day throughout the voting period the public can go online and cast one vote. For every vote cast for our project the club will receive $5, so the more votes we get, the more funding we’ll receive until our goal of $11,040 is reached. So please go to on 1 March and vote for the Glen Eden Bowling Club!