New Bowls Please…

Club News

Jeryl Bromley, Owner Manager of You Travel Waiheke with the new bowls.

Working with local schools and encouraging greater participation of social members is a key part of  Waiheke Bowling Clubs growth strategy and Waiheke Bowling Club President, Ken Edwards believes that being able to provide the latest lawn bowls is a key part in enhancing new players experience of the sport.   

Ken said,  people new to the sport see it being played at the club and on TV with players using the modern bright coloured bowls and want to use the same and so the club decided that it needed to start investing in modern club bowls, particularly in the smaller sizes that are more suitable for school age players and lady bowlers.  But bowls are expensive and the club has applied for funding through a number of funding bodies and has also reached out to its sponsors and the local community for help. 

Club member and owner of You Travel Waiheke, Jeryl Bromley stepped in to cover the cost of two new sets for the club.   Jeryl said that, “YOU Travel Waiheke has always supported and sponsored a number of local organisations each year.  We see that as part of being in business on Waiheke and giving back to the community.  After personally joining Waiheke Club recently and chatting with Ken Edwards,  sponsorship of the bowling sets fit all our criteria for sponsorship and it’s our pleasure to be able to help with an organisation we have not previously supported”.