Glen Eden Tournament Set to raise money for Prostate Cancer

Event News

Glen Eden are holding a Blue Ribbon Charity Event to raise much needed funding for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ.     The event is an open Men’s Triples that will be held on Saturday 10th August at Glen Eden Bowling Club starting at 10am and will consist of three 1.5 hour games.  Entry for the tournament is $75 per team.   The tournaent is limited to 18 teams so get your entry in quickly.   All Players are encouraged to wear blue.

In New Zealand, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with an average of 3082 new registrations and 602 deaths each year.    Men who develop prostate cancer tend to be over 65 years of age with about 1 in 13 of men developing prostate cancer by the age of 75.    Given that many of our players are in this age bracket it is important that we are aware of  the symptoms of the disease and if you are worried then you should check with your GP.

The first sign of trouble is usually in passing urine, and may result in the following symptoms

  • trouble getting the flow of urine started
  • trouble stopping the flow of urine (dribbling)
  • the stream of urine is weak, or stops or starts
  • needing to urgently pass urine at any time
  • feeling a need to pass urine more often during the day, even though not much comes out
  • getting up at night to pass urine more than once
  • feeling a need to pass urine even though non comes out
  • pain and/ or burning when passing urine (may also be a sign of infection.

If you are not able to participate in the tournament but would like to make a donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ    then visit their website https;//  for details of how you can donate.