1 – 5 Year Rep Team Named


Congratulations to the following bowlers who have gained a spot in the upcoming quadrangular fixture on Sunday 10 March at Auckland Bowling Club. These junior bowlers have trained weekly over the past 6 weeks and the final selection was a difficult choice.

1 – 5 Men – Pairs: Roger Johnston, Richard Siefert; Triples: Mae Taurua, Kevin Beasley, Chris Dearsley; Fours: David Ball, Andy Dawson, Storm Tanaki, Vai Gafa; Reserves: Dean Edge, Mike Whynn

1 – 5 Women – Pairs: Lisa Mundell, Kim Tilly; Triples: Chelsea Farley, Tessa Farley, Carol Berry; Fours: Jane Field, Karen Kuzimski, Philly Akaruru, Linda Fenton; Reserves: Chris Staples, Pip Wilton

Coaches: Esther Eu & Helen Murray; Managers: Carol Pollock & Janine Young