Auckland Centre Reserve Day

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It was a great day at New Lynn Bowling Club. Auckland Bowls would like to say a special congratulations to Chris Lowe who won his 15th Centre title today  Great work.




Men’s Club Championship Triples Final:

Chris Lowe, Jordan King, Ciaran MacElvanna (Mangere) VS Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon, Gavin Brown (Royal Oak).

This was an interesting game with Mangere Mako’s 12-0 up after the 5th end and looking strong. Royal Oak is definitely a team with enough experience to never underestimate and they certainly didn’t stop giving their all. In the 14th end Royal Oak were back to within 3pts 12-15. Mangere were under pressure to up their game after holding such a large lead to then have the gap close to 1 pt 16-17.

In the final end it was down to Mike Galloways with Mangere holding 3, Mikes shot narrowly missing the mark,  Mangere taking the win 20-16.

An extra big congratulations to Cris Lowe on winning his 15th Auckland Bowls Centre Title!

Men’s Club Championship Pairs Results 2017-2018

Men’s Club Championship Triples Semi Final:

Chris Lowe, Jordan King, Ciaran MacElvanna (Mangere) BT Nick Grgicevich, Vince Grgicevich, Johnny Pocrnich (Mt Albert) 22-11.

Mt Albert were first up on the scoreboard with a convincing 3 but Mangere followed up with a big win in the 2nd end giving them the lead 4-3. Mt Albert looked strong winning the next 2 ends, only to have Mangere come back to win 3 big ends of their own stretching their lead out to 15-6 in the 8th end. From here Mt Albert just couldn’t get their momentum back and Mangere won the game and their spot into the Men’s Club Championship Triples Final 22-11.

Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon, Gavin Brown  (Royal Oak) BT Warwick Frederickson, Sean Hird, Glenn Rich – .(Blockhouse Bay) 18-10.

Royal Oak were strong straight out of the gates in this Semi Final. Blockhouse Bay held their own but could never quite manage to hold onto the lead. Blockhouse Bay were within 1 point of Royal Oak in the 10th end 9-10 but then dropped the next 4 ends giving Royal Oak a lead of 16-9 in the 14th end. Royal Oak won their spot into the Final 18-10.

Women’s Club Championship Pairs Final:

The Final between Aggie Motu and Kirsty Hill (Onehunga & Districts) VS Helen van der Walt and Liz Badenhorst (Carlton Cornwall) was a goodie. Onehunga & Districts were first up on the scoreboard with Carlton Cornwall right behind them up until the 6th end where Onehunga & Districts lost 5 ends consecutively, Carlton Cornwall had an 11-6 lead after the 10th end.

In the 11the end Onehunga & Districts won a 3 to close he gap 9-11. In the 16th end Carlton Cornwall were only up by 1pt 15-14 but then won the last 2 ends winning the game 17-14. Congratulations to Helen van der Walt and Liz Badenhorst for winning the Auckland Women’s Club Championship Pairs

Women’s Club Championship Pairs Semi Final:

This was an excellent Semi Final between Lesley McLinden, Moana Stainton (Mangere) and Helen van der Walt, Liz Badenhorst (Carlton Cornwall).

Mangere started with a great lead 8-0 after the 5th end. Carlton Cornwall came back well and the game was close at 9-7 after the 10th end with Mangere still in the lead and they held their lead all the way up to the 18th end where Carlton Cornwall tied the game up to go into an extra end. Carlton Cornwall played a great last end winning a 3 and the game 17-13 to give them their spot into the Women’s Club Championship Pairs Final.

Men’s Club Championship Pairs Final:





Brody Dix and Ron Botica (Otahuhu Railway) VS Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon  (Royal Oak). Royal Oak came out charging in this Final and took a very convincing early lead. Otahuhu Railway quietly chipped away winning some great ends. After the 6th end Otahuhu Railway were 14-2 down but persevered. Royal Oak proved to be too strong for Otahuhu Railway today and won the Auckland Club Championship Pairs Final 26-6.

Auckland Men’s and Women’s Club Championship Pairs Results 2017-2018

Men’s Club Championship Pairs Semi Final:

Mike Galloway and Martin Dixon  (Royal Oak) BT Clayton Hockley and Jesse Russell (Glen Eden). This was a little one sided with the talented young guys from Glen Eden coming up against the experienced team from Royal Oak. Hockley and Russell played some great bowls but were just out played today by Galloway and Dixon. The Royal Oak pairing winning their spot into the Club Championship Pairs Final 23-8.