Balmoral Take Title

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Balmoral have been crowned the inaugural Bowls3Five 1-5 Year Interclub Champions for 2018 with a hard fought win over Mt Wellington.

Each side is made up of two triples teams playing two sets of five ends with a one end tie breaker if required.  Balmoral came out of the blocks strong winning the opening set in both matches.  Mt Wellington came storming back in the second set however and looked like forcing the tie break in both matches.  It wasn’t to be however with Balmoral eventually winning both games and the title.  Final scores were 4-3, 7-5 and 7-3, 2-6, 1-0 (tie break).

In the third fourth playoff Bridge Park and Glen Eden shared the games but with Bridge Park winning more sets they finished third.  Final score 4-3, 3-3 and 7-3, 2-6, 0-1.

Earlier in the evening the semifinals were held.  Balmoral proved too strong for Bridge Park winning 7-0, 10-2 and 10-5, 8-0.  Mt Wellington had a close battle with Glen Eden with one game decided by the one end tie break.  A great last bowl by the Mt Wellington skip secured the shot and the win.  Final score 3-4, 8-2, 1-0 and 7-5, 7-3.

Former Mission Bay President Ian Gardiner was on hand to present the trophy to Balmoral.  The trophy was donated by Mission Bay and is their founders trophy which was used for close to 50 years.  Ian said “when that tournament first started the event ran for five days and they played two games of 26 end fours per day; now we are playing two sets of five ends and it is all over in one hour – how the world has changed”!!

Thank you to St Heliers for hosting the finals and for all the competing teams and host clubs throughout the competition.  Special thanks also to the Mission Bay Bowling Club who donated funds to Auckland Bowls on closing, that are to be used for the development of junior bowls.

Bowls3Five is a great new initiative from Bowls NZ and we look forward to playing the Auckland Bowls3Five interclub competition starting in late January.

First – Balmoral – Artem Chesnokov; Richard Seifert; Tessa Farley and Travis Engelbrecht; Chris Dearsley; Chris Watkins.

Second – Mt Wellington – Kevin Beasley; Jim Conroy; Rohan Bignall and David Ball; Kyle Whittaker; Anthony Bilocerkonilz.

Third – Bridge Park – Phili Akaruru; Tupai Akaruru; Garry Hawks and Peni Panapa; Rangi Tangaroa; Vai Gafa.

Fourth – Glen Eden – Lee Merrett; Paul Shappell; Nigel Hamilton and Richard Salter; Steve Catlin; Prutvi Kumar.