Bowls3Five 1-5 Year Interclub

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Week Two of the Bowls3Five 1-5 Year Interclub was played last night in much improved conditions.

We look forward to the next four weeks. We are experiencing a few gremlins with our events page not updating. Please see below for Week Two results.

Week One Results

Bowls3Five 1-5 Year Interclub Results

Bowls3Five 1-5 Year overall results table

Week Two Results

Bowls3Five 1-5 Yr Interclub Draw Results wk2

Bowls3Five 1-5 Yr Interclub Results Wk 2 Table

BOWLS3FIVE 1-5 Year Interclub Conditions of Play 2018

Bowls3Five 1-5 Yr Interclub Draw Updated