Restructure at Auckland Bowls


Over the past few months I have been evaluating and analysing the current structure of Auckland Bowls. Due to the limited and uncertain future of external funding for our organisation, following consultation with all staff and feedback received, it was decided that we needed to look at the structure.

The result of this evaluation was that Restructure was required and conducted accordingly.  The main outcomes of this were as follows:

  1. The disestablishment of the existing role of Marketing Executive.
  2. The disestablishment of the existing Event Manager role.
  3. The increase of responsibility and hours worked of our Administration function.
  4. The creation of a new role of Events and Marketing Manager.

The result of the above restructure is as follows:

  1. The departure of Paul Tuckley as communicated to ALL clubs last week. Paul’s last day with Auckland Bowls was Tuesday 1st
  2. The increase of hours and Administration responsibility of Janine Young who now works 30 hours per week as our Administration Manager.
  3. The promotion of Kristina Fry to the new role of Events and Marketing Manager.
  4. The General Manager will be adding the overall responsibility of all Commercial and Sponsorship opportunities, along with High Performance, to his existing roles and responsibilities.

A high-level overview of our key objectives is to ensure we develop a top-class service to our existing clubs, enhance the experience of our bowlers and have more bowlers, bowling more often.

Please find below flow chart of the new structure at Auckland Bowls:


Steven Yates
General Manager
Auckland Bowls