Secondary Schools Year 9 & 10 Pairs Championships

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Today we had the Greater Auckland Year 9 & 10 Secondary Schools Pairs Championships at Remuera Bowling Club. Four rounds of 40 minute games were played the winner being determined by the number of games won, then net total of shots. There were some very talented young bowlers but St Dominic’s were the teams to watch today and managed to walk away with a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd!

Congratulations to Hazel Velasquez and Ne’ve Wolloner (St Dominic’s) 1st; Amelia Gaunavinaka and Evelyn Tervor (St Dominic’s) 2nd; Antonia Trevor and Monica Tuala (St Dominic’s) 3rd.

Great work from all the Secondary Schools – St Dominic’s, Waitakere, Selwyn and Diocesan.

We look forward to this event again next year!

Greater Auckland Year 9 & 10 Secondary School Pairs Championship Results 2017