Something to ‘Squark’ about!

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Point Chevalier Bowls are proud to announce the launch of the Point Chevalier Parrots, our new Junior Community Development Programme. 

Named to sit alongside the Pt Chevalier Pirates (our senior section brand), the programme gets underway this week at four Kindy’s in the Pt Chev area, with our primary and intermediate schools coming onboard next week when they return from their Christmas holidays. 

The programme is a school’s outreach initiative that aims to introduce local children, aged 2 to 18 years, to the sport of Lawn Bowls in their schools, and as part of their weekly PE lessons or general play sessions. It then supports them as they progress along their group or individual development pathway with mentoring and high level coaching to a senior level of play at the Club and/or in organised competitions.

Using a range of brightly coloured portable equipment, our junior pathway starts with a basic introduction at Kindy using lightweight foam bowls (but still with a bias), and a range of fun and exciting games, drills and activities led by the carers and teachers. As the kids become more experienced and able, and move through their primary, intermediary and secondary schools, they will progress onto indoor weight bowls, and play (still in their schools) on a Club designed portable synthetic turf mat, with targets and markings similar to a full sized Bowls 3Five rink. Alongside this, those children who are enjoying the sport will be invited to join the junior section of the Club and begin to play and compete on the Pt Chev Bowls greens.

Initial trials held at the end of 2018 were incredibly successful, with carers and teachers impressed by the enthusiasm and numbers of children who were all keen to have a go!

Pt Chev Bowls also plan to boost our community’s participation and family enjoyment of the sport with ‘Parrot’ focused events and competitions like outdoor games/fun days, family competitions, inter-Parrot programme teacher vs parents/kids competitions, which will all be staged at the Club.

For success in any sport, it is vital to have a high quality junior development programme to ensure new players join the sport, and who then help to evolve it, keeping it fresh and the awards and recognition coming in! 

Recent success by the Pt Chevalier Pirates in the inaugural Bowls 3Five league clearly showed that Lawn Bowls is not just for the ‘less young’, with two of the younger Pirates league winning team, Alex Reed (24) and Aiden Takarua (19), now involved in the coaching of children at intermediate and secondary school level (…as well as the adults at a senior Club!). The Pt Chev Parrots programme has been funded and developed with the help and support of Auckland Bowls and Sport Auckland.